Your Business Is Cyber Risk — Act Now to Protect It!

Cyber Attack Insurance

Whether you’ve heard of dreadful events — “ransomware” — “cyber extortion” —“data security breach” — cyber attacks are now an absolute threat for all businesses.  

These malicious cyber events can put any organization’s operations on hold, or put you out of business entirely.

Standard business insurance policies do NOT cover cyber events — that's why York Insurance Services offers you CYBER SECURITY COVERAGE.

Small businesses can be attractive targets for cyber criminals, because they may lack the security budget and infrastructure of larger companies. According to a recent survey conducted by Selective Insurance Co., only 20% of small businesses carry cyber insurance coverage, despite acknowledging increasing concerns about cybersecurity — much due to pandemic-related remote work, that has continued even as the pandemic eases.

Purchasing a cyber liability policy from York Insurance Services is an excellent start to help you, the small business owner, sleep better at night. Butch Tilley is ready to quote you on the coverage you need — call him at 410-838-1851 to set up an appointment!

But there's more. Just getting Cyber Insurance should NOT be the end of your journey to protection.  The best defense is not just about having the right cyber liability insurance policy in place – it’s about taking a holistic approach to protecting your business in today’s cyber world.

To protect your small business from cyber threats, Butch Tilley asks you to consider these additional steps; York Insurance Services can help you take them!  

1. Use a Multi-Faceted Approach to Cybersecurity

Take the time to understand where vulnerabilities may exist in your operation. Through cyber risk management tools available from York Insurance Services, you can attend various webinars, execute questionnaires and checklists, and better understand your organization’s data's sensitivity. Do you provide laptops or cellphones to your employees? Those are all potentially open ports for hackers to access. If you use Microsoft Office or Google Workspace, is your two-factor authentication turned on? Multi-factor authentication adds another layer of security to your applications and may be considered essential to almost any business operating today.

2. Arm Your Staff with Training & Education

If you’ve heard the phrase “the problem exists between the chair and the keyboard,” then you already know the importance of building your staff’s cyber threat knowledge and awareness. Educating your employees to identify "phishing scams" and other fraudulent requests — and how to develop strong passwords — might not sound as impactful as creating new firewalls or downloading new software, but the impact can be significant. In fact, human error causes approximately 95% of cyber breaches. Through cyber risk management portals, your employees can improve their cybersecurity awareness, and, in turn, better protect the valuable data and operations with which you entrust them with every day.

3. Have a Cyber Response Team in Your Back Pocket

A proactive risk management approach to cybersecurity is the best way to protect your business from cyber threats.  However, if a cyber event does arise, York Insurance Services, your insurance carrier, and the experienced personnel York Insurance Services brings to the table, will be critical to mitigate against further loss. Cyber Liability Insurance and Data Breach Response Coverage, offered by YORK INSURANCE SERVICES, provide necessary support and guidance to policyholders through access to a skilled cyber response team that assesses an incident, plus experienced vendors to assist in resolving the situation. It’s not always the claim's cost — but rather the time associated with managing it — that you can’t get back. Having the assistance of a knowledgeable team is imperative if a cyber event arises.

Call Butch Tilley at York Insurance Services NOW — before that Cyber Attack happens!